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Embrace Transformation

EFT/Tapping and Hypnotherapy

Helping you unlock your potential and embrace transformation


Are you struggling to see the wood for the trees?

Do you believe something better is possible? 

Are painful emotions, memories or past events keeping you stuck and not able to be the person you desire to be? 

Then let's explore your potential together. 

Hayley, owner of Embrace Transformation Therapies

Embrace a better you

My Mission

Welcome to Embrace Transformation.

I'm Hayley and my mission is to support you to lead a life that is fulfulling, happy and healthy. 

By harnessing the power of your mind and body, I work with you to release anything that no longer serves you, transforming habits and beliefs, processing your emotions and embracing your full potential. 

Perhaps you are looking to overcome anxiety, take the 'sting' out of painful memories, improve your physical or mental health, improve confidence or develop better resilience to stress? 

I can help you explore what makes you unique; empowering you to heal, grow and embrace transformation.

Hayley, owner of Embrace Transformation Therapies

"The time to be happy is now,
the place to be happy is here."

Robert G. Ingersoll

K, Suffolk

"I really enjoyed Hayley's EFT sessions. They were gentle, relaxing and focused on the areas that I wanted to explore to help reduce my anxiety, with tools and techniques to use afterwards. Hayley made me feel comfortable straight away. Over just three weeks, my anxiety reduced as Hayley helped to remove long-term barriers."

L, London

"I had a number of EFT sessions with Hayley. She was not only very open and supportive, but it is clear Hayley has a very good understanding of long covid, fatigue and associated challenges. After having been mostly bedbound for over a year and a half, at the end of a session I walked outside my apartment block for the first time, which was hugely exciting and only underlines the value a mind-body approach can bring to conditions such as these. I would highly recommend Hayley to anyone seeking support in dealing with chronic health conditions, stress or anxiety."

D, Suffolk

"My five sessions of hypnotherapy via Zoom have made a dramatic difference to my self awareness, attitude and anxiousness.  I take more time for me during the day and before bed just to be mindful.  Some EFT within the sessions has also been useful.  I hope to continue this practice in the future because Hayley has given me the correct tools I need to be able to achieve this. Hayley has been very approachable, kind and generous with her time, making the sessions a success for me."

Interested in my approach? 
Contact me here to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call.

I look forward to connecting with you

EFT & Mindfulness Centre Accredited Practitioner
General Hypnotherapy Register Accredited Practitioner
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Accreditation
Adaptive Therapy for Autistic Adults Accreditation
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