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Hayley, owner of Embrace Transformation Therapies

Those who know me describe me as supportive, compassionate and motivating. I am all that and much more! I have shown courage and determination to overcome the hurdles in my life, arriving at a place of strength and wisdom. I now enjoy helping others to live an authentic and fulfilling life. 

My Journey

"Progress is impossible without change"  Walt Disney

After decades of 'coping', feeling like I was never good enough, like I was emotionally 'stuck', weighed down and always heading for burnout, chronic ill-health stopped me in my tracks and made me reassess everything I knew about my body; my home. 

I started exploring the mind-body connection and discovered so much about what makes me 'me': my emotions, my behaviours, my beliefs and how everything is interconnected, just like the cogs in a wheel. 

When I discovered EFT/Tapping, my inner world began to change. I finally felt like I could start to gently and compassionately unpack my rucksack of life, processing some of the challenging moments and  learning to 'thrive', not simply 'survive'.


Life is a journey and so too is healing. 


Hayley, owner of Embrace Transformation Therapies
Why I do what I do

I listen. I support. I empower.

Because everyone deserves to embrace their true potential in life.

My Expertise

Having spent over two decades as a teacher and leader, I am passionate about supporting fellow educational professionals to find happiness and thrive. I also provide one-to-one and small group in-school support to our wonderful teenagers; helping them to navigate life's ups and downs.


My lived experience of Long Covid, ME/CFS and MCAS enables me to walk side by side with others with chronic health conditions; bringing compassion, wisdom and kindness to their healing journey.

Dandelion, symbol of hope, healing and resilience
Butterfly, symbol of transformation

Through my own life experiences and those of my family, I have a keen interest in supporting people with neurodiversity, those within the LGBTQ+ community, those struggling with endometriosis and early menopause.  


I embraced transformation in my life. I would be honoured to help you to change your story and change your life. 

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